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Camilla has been surrounded by art from a very early age. She would trade anything for piano, theater or dance lessons. At 14, she was convinced that acting was her greatest passion, which made her move from the countryside to São Paulo and start a three year professional acting course at the “Escola de Atores Wolf Maya”. At the age of 18 she booked her first job, a notorious role alongside Daniel de Oliveira, in the feature film "Boca" with 10 nominations and four awards in International festivals. Then she starred in her first serie on MTV and after that started filmmaking at the university “Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado” (FAAP). During this period, an exchange at the New York Film Academy ignited her curiosity to improve her skills even more and after finishing her four year BFA in filmmaking, she moved to the United States. Being part of the Aaron Speiser Acting Studio she was coached privately by Aaron Speiser himself. In addition to working on American accent improvement with Susan Rumor. Upon returning to Brazil a year later, Camilla joined the main cast as a regular of the serie PSI (HBO) as Janaí­na, an extremely challenging character. Later nominated for the International Emmy Awards for best drama series. She was invited to star in the French film Papillon, where she also shared her talent composing the main soundtrack of the movie. Camilla has always had a very strong connection with music, having regular tap dance, jazz, singing and piano lessons. And so being always present on stage. She finished the acting program at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York in 2017 and is currently in the main cast of “Angel of Hamburg", a Sony Pictures series in coproduction with Globo, the most renowned network in Brazil.




Sonja Katz, PASSPORT TO FREEDOM, Globo & Sony Pictures, dir. Jayme Monjardim  (English)

Janaína, PSI, HBO Latin America, dir. Marcus Baldini, Tata Amaral, Rodrigo Meirelles (Emmy Nominee Best Drama Series)

Lucy Barton, DEAD NATURE, Amazon US, dir. Flavio Frederico & Murilo Pasta  (English)

Drix, FRIENDS FOREVER, Mtv, dir. Fabricio Bittar

Luana, DESCOLADOS, MTV, dir. Zaracla

Luna, MALHAÇÃO, Globo, dir. Mario Marcio Bandarra

Maria, PASSIONE, Globo, dir. Carlos Araújo & Denise Saraceni

Bruna, SETE VIDAS, Globo, dir. Jayme Monjardim


Vivi, SOCIALMENTE, Cine Imperial do Brasil, dir. Leandro D'Errico (Winner Best Mocumentary International documentary Film Awards)

Clarinha, BOCA, Kinoscopio, dir. Flavio Frederico (4 awards and 10 nominations in international festivals)

Gabriela, PAPILLON, 5 Mars, dir. Elie Haddad (French)

Camila, PASSPORTS AND DREAMS, LS Filmes, dir. Lucas Estevan Soares


  Ensemble, WONDERLAND, Disney Performing Arts, dir. Fernanda Chamma

  Ensemble, CARINHA DE ANJO, Teatro Procópio Ferreira, dir. Rich Mantoanelli

  Ensemble, RITMOS DA BROADWAY, Teatro Promon, dir. Fernanda Chamma

  Silene, OS SETE GATINHOS, Teatro Nair Belo, dir. Marco Antonio Brás

  Bia, COMO NOSSO PAIS, Teatro Nair Belo, dir. Nilton beaked

  Desconhecida n. 1, A VER ESTRELAS, Teatro Gino Carbonari, dir. Karina Gomes

  Dani, MÃE É UMA SÓ, Teatro Gino Carbonari, dir. Fabiana Godoy

  Tati, BEIJOS,ESCOLHAS E BOLHAS DE SABÃO, Teatro Gino Carbonari, Fabiana Godoy


AMERICAN ACADEMY OF DRAMATIC ARTS, New York,  Audition technique, monologue, cold readings & musical theatre.

NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY, Los Angeles, Acting for film, scene study, audition technique, voice, movement, monologue

AARON SPEISER ACTING STUDIO, Los Angeles, Acting for film, scene study, private coaching

ANTHONY GILARDI ACTING STUDIO, Los Angeles, Acting for film, scene study, private coaching

FUNDAÇAO ARMANDO ALVARES PENTEADO (FAAP), São Paulo, four year BFA in filmmaking

STEPS ON BROADWAY, New York,  Advanced intermediate tap dance and jazz. 

BROADWAY DANCE CENTER, New York, Adv beg jazz, adv beg musical theater, adv int tap dance and ensemble Technique.

THE ARTIST FIRST, Los Angeles, Voice coach with Faith Rumor,  american accent and sing

ESCOLA DE ATORES WOLF MAYA, São Paulo, three year professional acting course

STUDIO BETO SILVEIRA, São Paulo, Acting, scene study, movement, performance

STUDIO BROADWAY, São Paulo, Musical theater program

AMERICAN TAP FOUNDATION, New York, Adv int tap dance

TAP DANCE COACH, São Paulo, with Carina Angélica

Special Skills

LANGUAGES: English, French, Spanish

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Melodica, Flute

PERFORMANCE: Tap dance, jazz, Ballet, street dance and singing

SPORTS: Tennis, Soccer, Swimming, Skating, Ice Skating, Ski, SUP, Volley





Claudia Andrade

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